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It’s not often a story catches my attention enough to commit to a review, but Someone Else, Somewhere Else reeled me in (review here). Today, the author, Jenelle Jack Pierre, is here to share a little about herself.

Reena Jacobs: I devoured Someone Else, Somewhere Else in one sitting. I have to admit, I’m quite drawn to endings with imperfect solutions. Will you tell the readers a little about Someone Else, Somewhere Else?

Jenelle Jack Pierre: Someone Else, Somewhere Else is about twin sisters who move to a new neighborhood and become friends with their neighbors. The story delves into how two ‘similar’ families can be totally different. Its told in the first-person plural because of the closeness of the main characters.

RJ: I found the first-person plural an interesting route. I’ve never read a book like that. Very cool. I notice you have quite a few short stories under your belt. Short stories and novella are definitely my thing these days. Please share with us your inclination to write short stories?

JJP: I think short stories allows a writer to dive into different worlds and build a fictional life that doesn’t necessarily need 100 or more pages.

RJ: One of the pieces of advice you give to writers on your website is “be bold enough to experiment with more than one genre if that suits you.” Surfing your writing portfolio, I see you take your advice to heart. Even though you’ve written in a few genres, do you find your works have a common theme? And if so, what?

JJP: I’ve never thought about my work having a common theme. But now that you ask, I think yes. It would be: Decide for yourself

RJ: I like that. It’s very pro-active. I saw the “decide for yourself” aspect in Someone Else, Somewhere Else. How much of you/your life do you put into your stories?

JJP: I would say zero. It’s all make-believe. I would add though that writers’ stories are created from their minds, so if a character loves Twizzlers, it may or may not be because the writer knew someone who loved Twizzlers. He or she might not sit down to think of why they chose Twizzlers, it’s just there, ready to pull.

RJ: Which author has inspired you the most?

JJP: Jhumpa Lahiri

RJ: Jhumpa Lahiri is a new name for me. 🙂 I had to look her up. I love reading about the cultural aspects of 1st and 2nd generation Americans. I’ve been an Amy Tan fan since my teenage days. Thank you for giving me another author to enjoy. What are you working on now?

JJP: A short story collection called “Love’s Onlookers.”

RJ: We’ll have to keep an eye out for “Love’s Onlookers.” 🙂 Anything special you’d like to say to readers? 

JJP: I hope you enjoy reading “Someone Else, Somewhere Else.” I appreciate any feedback through your review.

At the time of this post, Someone Else, Somewhere Else is available as a free read at:

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About Jenelle Jack Pierre

I was born in Trinidad and raised in Maryland. My parents encouraged my love of reading with lots of books. I’m an only child, which means I’m good at board games, especially Scrabble.

I started writing as a way to entertain myself, mostly poetry. I majored in Communication Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and after college, I became a media researcher (radio) at a PR software company. Soon after that, I interned and studied writing at Johns Hopkins University.

Before I Breathe is my first YA novel. I also write contemporary short stories.

I have a variety of interests apart from writing, including reading, hanging out with my husband, cooking, and traveling.

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Jenelle Jack Pierce is giving away a copy of her YA Novel, Before I Breathe.

Thought she met the right boy. Left home. Now her life’s turned upside down.

Kalena Moore is a Montgomery High student who isn’t into school. Her friends think her classmate, Isaiah Wilkins, is trouble. Life becomes more interesting when Kalena starts dating Isaiah, but soon things spin quickly out of control and she gets pregnant. Then Kalena sees another side to her boyfriend. Determined to put her life back together, Kalena takes a new path, navigating the pitfalls along the way.

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Short Story Review: Someone Else, Somewhere Else

I don’t do very many reviews these days, but when presented with the blurb of Someone Else, Somewhere Else by Jenelle Jack Pierre, my interest perked. I loved the cover art. It has a youthful freshness to it and makes me think of innocence in the world. Then when I found out Someone Else, Somewhere Else was a short story, I was totally in. 🙂 Before the review, the blurb.

“Though we were four years younger than Ariya, we’d watched teenagers before at an older cousin’s house. They talked on the phone, they texted their boyfriends, they watched movies on DVDs. Sometimes, they tidied up the house by wiping the table with a damp sponge after feeding us, removing the crumbs and ring spots from the bottom of our glasses. But we’d never seen any of them work like Ariya did.”

Twin sisters. Stepdaughters. Neighbours. In this short fiction, the lives of the twins are forever changed when their mother remarries and they move next door to a family unlike their own. Could their lives have been different with a flip of a coin?

The first thing I noticed about this work was the narrative. I don’t recall ever reading a work in first person plural. This story was told from the perspective of both the twins, which doubly interesting because the twin girls (main characters) in the story were nameless. The narrative was presented in such a way it gave the two girls a collective thought. For me, the over all effect made Someone Else, Somewhere Else a worthy read if only for analysis.

As for the story itself, Someone Else, Somewhere Else was thought provoking. Not only was it a reminder we don’t get to pick the families we’re born into, but that children have even less say in the hand they’re dealt. They get what they get and adjust the best they can. I finished this story wondering if I protected my children effectively from the harm always around the corner, and hoping their childhood memories will be filled with enough joy to outweigh the bad.

This read left me with a bittersweet sadness, and I hoped Ariya found happiness in her choices. I say if you have 20-30 minutes of spare time, check out this read.

Last I checked, this is a free read. Don’t miss your opportunity to try it out.

Available at Barnes & Nobles || Smashwords || Amazon

Also, be sure to return on Thursday. Jenelle Jack Pierre will be here for an interview!