Eat to Live (Rambling Alert)

I mentioned a few posts ago about my newfound addiction to Korean Drama (K-Drama). One of the things they do often in the series is eat. Now I have to admit… I’m typically a big fan of eating. I LOVE meat… particularly steak.

A while back, my father-in-law (hater of all meats other than hotdogs and hamburgers) and I were talking about food. I mentioned I could eat steak EVERY night. He was quite skeptical and told me no I couldn’t. Crazy man… I assured him I could. In fact, I’ve been on steak binges from time to time. Day after day of grilled steak… yum!

So, steak… Yes! Enter K-Drama. Besides rice, noodles seem to be a big thing in the K-Dramas, particularly Ramen. Now, I’m not a ramen fan. However, I am fond of other noodles. So, I headed to my local Korean market and picked up some goodies.

Over the course of a couple of months, I found there are different types of rice noodles, even though they may look the same before cooking. For example, there are clear noodles (vermicelli) and another type which turn opaque after cooking. Originally, I started with rice noodles, which turned opaque white after cooking. Along with the noodles, I picked up some seaweed and miso soup mix stuff.

The first morning I had a bowl of the rice noodles and soup mixture was so satisfying. It was like comfort food. I had this wonderful full feeling… not the overstuffed bloated feeling that makes me feel like I’ve made a horrible mistake… but just very satisfied and cozy.

My rice noodles became my new steak. My late night snack would be rice noodles, and sometimes I’d slurp some down for breakfast. Oh, happiness. 🙂 Sometimes I’d mix things up by adding some meat into the mixture… chicken, smoked turkey, fish, shrimp, poached egg. Oddly enough, my preferred meat (beef) didn’t make it to my concoctions.

So, I ran out of rice noodles and headed back to the Korean store. This is how I learned rice noodles were not all the same. I picked up vermicelli instead of my opaque noodles on that trip. One difference was vermicelli took a lot less time to cook… 3 minutes. In fact, I originally thought the first rice noodles were the 3 minute ones and was surprised they took so long… even more surprised when they turned opaque. With vermicelli, adding hot water is enough to cook them in 3 minutes, and they’re really easy to overcook… falling apart if left in heat too long.

After tasting the difference between opaque rice noodles and vermicelli, I have to say I prefer the opaque ones (whatever they’re called).

Odd thing has happened recently though. The last week or so, I’ve had very little appetite. Food just isn’t very appealing these days. I still enjoy my noodles. They’re tasty, and I eat quite the serving each time. But then there is the family dinner. I sit down to eat, and it’s just a huge chore.

It’s not that I’m not hungry. In fact, I’m hungry right now. I was hungry before dinner. Yet, I didn’t want to bother with it. If not for my family, I probably would have skipped it. The odd thing, it was one of my favorite meals.

Apparently, pizza is rather popular. My family loves it. Me? Not so much. However, I’m quite fond of Pizza Hut’s Spicy Asian wings. So when my family wants pizza, I put my own order of wings… and usually, I don’t share. 🙂 They’re mine! All mine! Mine, I tell ya!

Tonight was pizza and wing night. I didn’t really want to eat when the food arrived. But like I said, I have a family, and dinner happens to be our family time. So, off to eat I went.

I decided to have a slice of pizza with my wings. However, after eating my slice of pizza, I no longer had the motivation to continue and skipped the wings, which explains why I’m hungry. Right now, what I’d really like is to not be hungry without having to eat.

Really, I have no idea what’s going on with my head. Have my noodle and seaweed meals met my needs to the point I have little to no cravings? Lately, I feel like I’m eating to live rather than living to eat, like I used to. Family meals are just a big hassle. The menu options are just so uninspiring, and I’ve yet to convince my husband and son to go on my Korean diet. I suppose it’s a good thing. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to the physician without hearing the polite suggestion to lose 10-15 lbs. Perhaps this will be the way to do it.

Have you gone through a phase where you’ve lost the passion for your favorite foods?