Novella Review: Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

I got so wrapped up in writing-related stuff, I almost forgot this review was due today… well, tonight now. I’ve actually had Soul Deep for quite some time. So let me tell you the story. 🙂 A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for some hot erotica and went searching on Amazon. Lo and behold! Soul Deep by Lora Leigh popped up in my search. Hmm… don’t have I have that book somewhere? Sure enough. I found it on my bookshelf on the “special” I-may-not-EVER-get-around-to-you shelf. Thing is, this isn’t the type of book I’d normally purchase. So how did come by it? Well, last year, I was on a giveaway spree. Not hosting and providing the goodies, but actually ENTERING to WIN the giveaways. I went crazy, people. I entered anything and everything. I never expected to win anything. After all, I never won giveaways. Okay… something crazy happened. I started winning like crazy. And last year, I won Soul Deep from Diane from Book of Secrets. Thanks, Diane! I put this book on the shelf with many, many other winnings, wondering when I’d ever get to it.Well, I did. 🙂 The blurb from Ms. Leigh’s Website:

Mother Nature has a way of making the most unlikely couples ‘fit’. And what could be more unlikely than a sassy, independent President’s daughter who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and a loner Coyote Breed with a hunger for a cute rosebud mouth that he’s determined to still.

The vote for Breed Law is coming down the pike. Kiowa’s job is to watch Amanda, the President’s daughter—look, but not touch. Just make sure the Goof Troop, the Secret Service detail assigned to protect her, do their job until the law is passed.

But when they don’t and the bad guys move in to take her out, Kiowa reluctantly slips in to the rescue, snatching her away to safety. But she isn’t going to come easy and it takes more than smooth talking to make her see his point of view.

For a man who’s had nothing, Amanda Marion is food for the hunger that has tortured him, the reality to every dream Kiowa never dared believe in. What he feels for her is more than heat, more than love. She breathes life into his hardened heart, melting the icy chill that has protected him all his life, and touches a part of him that he thought had died—his soul. And now he’ll kill anyone who tries to take her away from him.

But the one person he can’t fight is Amanda, and when she wants to leave…

 The first thing I hit was chapter 1 (well, duh), which happened to be written like a prologue, completely in italics and everything. The information was useful though, if not a bit dry and mislabeled. Seriously? I was a bit apprehensive. Later I discovered even though Soul Deep was the first of the Coyote series, it wasn’t the first of the ENTIRE Breed series. So the upfront information really helped and made Soul Deep a standalone story.

Okay… my review might sound a little harsh, but I’m telling you, I really liked this story (4 out of 5 stars). It was just what I was looking for when I went in search of a bit of erotica.

My first impression when the sexy got to happening was Amanda was every man’s dream come true. Kiowa pretty much got to do anything to her, and she loved it. Dirty little slut came to mind. I was like, what’s with her? It was like reading a porn movie. Keep in mind, I was looking for erotica, so a little naughty wasn’t a bad thing.

Later, I found out why she was behaving the way she was, and it totally reminded me of Shadow Cat with the uninhibited lust due to being in heat. One awesome thing about Soul Deep, the sex scenes were evenly spaced throughout the work rather than clumped together in the center like Shadow Cat. For an up and coming writer like me, Lora Leigh offered an excellent example.

So here’s the bottom line. I DEFINITELY look forward to reading more Lora Leigh. Thanks again, Diane!