Reviews, Interviews, & Giveaways

Greetings, Friendlies and Unfriendlies. May the force be with you.

Monday is my day to review a book. I still plan to do that, just not right now. 🙂 Seems I still have about 30 pages left to read of the Iron King. I hope to finish that sometime this afternoon. I’m rather curious to see how it winds down.

Until then, allow me to point you to some recent Shadow Cat reviews & giveaways, as well as a couple of interviews. 🙂

Yara at Once upon a Twilight reviewed Shadow Cat. She’s also did an interview and giveaway me.

Blood Rose Books reviewed Shadow Cat.

ParaYourNormal interviewed me and is offering a copy of Shadow Cat. Plus stop by for the Talk Radio interview today (3 pm PST/6 pm ET). You can put me on the spot. 🙂 The number is 619-639-4626.

Good luck to all who enter, and I hope to talk to you real soon.

Ghastly Fears

So I’ve been sending off review requests to bloggers for Shadow Cat. Of course I can’t stop myself from reading the other reviews. Then I got to thinking. Some of these authors get not so great ratings. And if they’re like me, they probably think their work is da bomb. What if people hate my story? What if it lands on the piles of DNF? or worse! It gets the F or 1 star ratings. Yikes!

The fears are enough to make many authors hide their works in shame. I could do that. But then I think, what if it is good? If I hide Shadow Cat in a closet never to be seen by others, then I’ll never know, now will I? Well, I want to find out if my writing rocks or that other thing. 🙂 And even if Shadow Cat crashes and burns, there’s always that next book.

What keeps you going despite the fears?

For those wanting to give Shadow Cat a test drive, check out my free reads page. Sample it on Amazon or Smashwords.