Reviving the Writer

Steve left an encouraging comment to me the other day. It really got me thinking. So his comment.

Steve Evans says:

Hey Reena – you are a writer. An editor too, but a writer first off. Just because you’ve not written anything for a while doesn’t change that even one little tiny smidgen of an iota.

I worked in the media for a number of years because I thought it would help me to be a “proper writer” that is, a novelist. I was wrong. As you say,work just sucked out the energy. But I learned a lot about writing and when I chucked it and started writing fiction, it was a great help.

Anyway the point is that you never know what the future will bring. You have a great attitude about writing, and about life – so say I.

Hope the NatNoMo goes just exactly as you would wish.


For awhile now, I’ve had the idea in my head that writers write. Anyone with a published piece of work could be an author indefinitely, but writing was a status you had to constantly do to achieve. I still believe that… writers write.

Steve said, “Hey Reena — you are a writer.”  I have to admit, it gave me a boost. However, I also had to ask myself, if I’m a writer… what the heck was I doing not writing? Haha

I thought of my unrealistic goal of knocking out a short story each week. That was the goal I made last week. I make all sorts of lofty goals I’ll never accomplish. That’s just me. 🙂 And to be honest… it’s difficult to even get started on an unrealistic goal because it’s like trying to eat an elephant in one sitting.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking about my muse… and where it had gone. I thought about how ideas used to float to me in the shower. How I’d dream of plots and scenes to write the next day. Now… I don’t know where that creativity has gone. It’s kind of like going to school. As long as you keep going, your brain stays fresh and ready to work. Take a few decades off and it’s a struggle to get back into the game. HOWEVER… it only takes a few weeks/months for the brain to reboot and get in the learning mode.

I think writing is the same way (or so I hope).

I’m all over the place here. I guess that’s why it’s called rambling. Let’s get back to writers write. Instead of the elephant of a goal of writing a short story each week, I can begin by writing a little every day… something that doesn’t overwhelm me. It brought to mind I Loved You First.

I believe I was about half-way into writing the novel. It’d been on the side burner for awhile. Then I came across this group whichhad a daily goal of writing 100 words. I did some calculations and realized if I wrote 100 words a day, I’d have the book finished in about 6 months. What was great about the 100 words was it was outside of my current writing project. In my mind, it’d be a way to complete one extra book that year, which might never have been completed.

So now… I’m thinking to myself… why can’t I do that now? Why I can’t I be a writer who writes 100 words a day?

The Sun Still RisesThank you for your words of encouragement, Steve. I’m writing again.

Out of the dusty closet, I’ve pulled out a contemporary work called “The Sun Still Rises.” The word count is about 12K at the moment. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on it, so I’m not really sure where it’ll lead. At the moment, I envision it being a novelette. I’m thinking, I’ll probably double the word count… hit somewhere around 25K.

It’ll take me about 4 months to finish it if I write 100 words a day. So!!! Hopefully, I’ll have the first draft wrapped up by thetime I hit NaNo. Yes, yes… I know NaNo is only 3 1/2 months away. However, there will be days I write more than 100 words. The goal is to write 100 words a day… no days off. I did that with I Loved You First. I can do it again. After all, 100 words only takes about 15 minutes of my time. Certainly I can spare 15 minutes a day to reboot my writing brain. 🙂

Anyway… I’ve had this cover for a while. What do you think?