eBox Lovin’

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything in my mailbox. At least it seems like a while for me. It’s been tougher and tougher to purchase books these days. So many choices, but it’s really potluck out there. Anyway, I’ve been forcing myself to read some of the books on my shelves instead of seeking the unknown elsewhere. And with NaNoWriMo in November, I didn’t even bother with entering contests. It just took too much time. And these days I haven’t been in the mood to keep up with them either. If you notice, I took down the contest widgets. Blah blah blah.

I snapped out of my contest blues for a short time this week and entered two contests hosted by Susan Bischoff. 🙂 And won two eBooks!

I know this is bad, but when I entered this contest, I thought it was a book by Susan Bischoff. After reading Hush Money (review here), I was giddy about getting reading another novel written by her and a bit surprised she had one available. I swear I read the post, but for some reason my mind fixated on the name Susan Bischoff. Later I realized I’d heard of Imogen Rose on Zoe Winters’ blog. Even then the story line had interested me. So I’m a expecting a winner with this book even though I had a brain fart when entering the contest. 🙂

Now this contest I entered and knew what was going on (I think). 🙂 Ms. Benefiel is the same author who wrote the Zellie Wells series. I’ve mentally had her books on my to-read list but haven’t graduated her to an official list yet. Pretty excited to have this eRead, cause it gives me a chance to sample her style. Plus, it’s an erotic work. So yummy yummy! Maybe I’ll read this one next and it’ll give me that push over the edge into Glimpse. 🙂

We Got Winners!

I’m really happy with the arrivals this week. Both the novels are outside my normal genres but really pique my interest. First up!

I’ve wanted Touched by an Alien for a while now. I’d never heard of sci-fi romances until I saw this book advertised on a blog. I’m not a fan of contemporary romance, and my interest in romances wasn’t  revive until someone introduced me to paranormal romances. Here’s the thing. I’ve read very few sci-fi novels. In fact, I can only think of two: Jenna Starborn and the Ender’s Game series. Okay, Ender’s Game is a series, not a single novel, but still. You get my drift. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this book. As soon as I finish Darkest Lie, this one’s next. Thanks, Monica (The Bibliophilic Book Blog).

This book I can see myself reading right after Touched by an Alien. I won Rampant for my second place entry on Melissa Barlow’s blog Surviving Writing a Book in her Zombie vs Unicorns contest. Go Team Unicorn! Yum! Apparently this novel is about killer unicorns and a young girl’s quest to destroy these useful beasts. If you follow this blog, you know I’m new to the YA genre. I’m thinking this will be a fun read. Thanks again, Melissa. 🙂


So Thursday my husband walked in with a nice sized box. And being the dutiful wife that I am (yeah right), I graciously took it off his hands… AND TORE INTO IT! It was full of goodies from Vera at Luxury Reading. Lookie! Lookie!

Now I have to be honest here. I’ve not heard of any of these books, other than White Cat. And though I’ve heard of White Cat, I’m not all to sure what it’s about. But I remember seeing it offered in a few other contests. 🙂 So what do I think of my winnings?

  • The Summer I Turned Pretty appears to be a YA Romance. In all my years, I don’t think I’ve read a YA romance. So this should be interesting.
  • Glimpse…now this is an odd one. It looks to be series of free-style poems written in the form of a story. I honestly don’t know what to make of it, but it’s got me intrigued.
  • As I mentioned, I’ve seen White Cat advertised in the past. It look Urban Fantasy (UF). I’ve only started reading UF this year. So, I’m quite curious about this one. I’m not quite sure if UF is for me yet, though I enjoyed Mind Games by Carolyn Crane greatly.
  • Last but not least, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. I’m not so sure about this one. Flipping through the pages reminds me of my adventures across country. Between the text, it includes scrapbook pages and receipts. 🙂 I wonder what she learns on her trip.

Thanks a bundle, Vera. 🙂 You made my day. This has got to be the most unique collection of books I’ve seen.

Beyond the Mailbox

Okay, I’m a little late on the ball here. A couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago? Yeah, that’s right, I’m bad. A couple of weeks ago, I received one of my winnings. I was lucky to win a iTunes gift card at The Book Butterfly during her Christy Trujillo (author of Emily’s Song) post. I have to admit, this GC came right on time. You see, I have this story I’m writing and already have the playlist picked out. Only thing, I don’t have copies of the songs. 🙁 No matter now. I can get them with the iTunes GC! 🙂 Woot! Thank you Kim and Christy!

I also stopped by the library a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t done that in a while. While there, I picked up a couple of books my an old favorite, Francine Rivers. I absolutely love her Mark of the Lions series and also the Lineage of Grace books. I’ve read just about every book she’s ever written, except for the Sons of Encouragement line and Martha’s Legacy. Great news for me! I found two of the Sons of Encouragement books: “The Warrior” and “The Prophet.”

Well, I read “The Warrior” and will post my review of it tomorrow. I’m working on “The Prophet” and hope to have my review of it on Tuesday. That being the case, the winner of giveaway #2 – Reviews may choose “The Prophet” if they wish.

Both “The Warrior” and “The Prophet” by Francine Rivers are available at the Book Depository.

The Book Depository