Special Post: Indie Publishing

I’m skipping my Friday writing post. Why? Cause I’ve got something far more amusing to share.

So it’s late night. 2:30 am here. I should be in bed. When I wake up in the morning, things might not be as funny. But for now, I’ve laughed so hard, there are tears in my eyes. And I’ve yet to finish. Finish what you ask? Watching episodes of Zoe Who! That’s what.

Why do I find this so amusing? One moment. Let me pull out my spreadsheet of queries, rejections, and rejections, and rejections, and…

Moving on. 🙂 Zoe Who dispels many of the scare tactics which discourage authors from self-publishing. Now I’m not saying self-publishing is for everyone. And I’m also not saying every book that doesn’t land an agent/editor is worthy of self-publishing. So what am I saying? 🙂

I’m saying self-publishing isn’t a dirty word. I’m not even sure why people are so down on self-publishing anyway. I’m trying to figure out whom self-publishing threatens for those in the traditional trade to bash it so hard.

If you’ve followed my reviews, you know I haven’t enjoyed every book I’ve read. In fact, the list of books I have not finished is growing quite high. I don’t even bother reviewing those. For the record, my did not finish pile is all books published by traditional means. As they (whoever “they” are) say, taste is subjective. Shouldn’t that subjectivity travel into the indie realm also?

Anyway, there are some great books out there which are self-published…well at least one which I’ve read. Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas (review here), which is the only Indie book I’ve taken the time to read. And if there is one, I’m sure there are more. Readers just have to keep an eye out for recommendations. Cause really, there’s no slush pile to wade through. Self-published books typically get advertisement through word of mouth. Otherwise, they go unnoticed. Out of sight, out of mind. At least they’ve been out of my mind until I received the Comfort Food Recommendation.

So, now for a bit of Zoe Winter free advertising, cause I liked Zoe Who so much! Here’s the thing. I’ve not read any of Zoe Winter’s books, so I can’t in good faith recommend her. However, you don’t need my recommendation to take a chance on Ms. Winters. Head to her blog for a free download of Kept, the first book of her series Blood Lust. It’s a short read, only 75ish pages. See if you like this Indie author’s novella and go from there.