The Great Thing about Learning

So, I just finished another pass at editing/revising Shadow Cat. Sometimes I feel like it’s a never ending chore, but at the same time, it’s also insightful.

If you’ve followed this blog for the short duration of it’s existence, you know I’ve been shopping for representation for Shadow Cat since the beginning of the year. And you know it’s been met with quite a few rejections.

That’s okay…kinda. 🙁 I’m dealing with that…kinda. 🙁 Once and awhile a rejection will fuel an editing/revising session. That happened a couple of month ago. I received a rejection which gave me a little feedback. I love feedback. How I wish every rejection had a little snippet of it.

A lot of published writers (after years of experience in the industry)  mention rereading their first complete manuscript and realizing it’s a big pile of crap. Now I haven’t gotten to that point with Shadow Cat. However, after obtaining a little (I mean minute) bit of experience under my belt, I see some of the problems with this manuscript. Like areas where I could be more engaging.

I don’t always know how to fix them, but at least I am able to identify many of them. A first step!

Anyway, I’m letting Shadow Cat stew for a bit while I work on another project of mine. 🙂 Gosh I love new projects. They’re so full of wonderful.

Here’s to no getting hung up on old projects!

What’s your revision process?

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