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So, I’ve not been writing. I guess that means, I’m not a writer any more. 🙂 Or maybe I am. Last night, I pulled out an old short story I started and did some minor editing… well that’d make me an editor. However, I also wrote a line or two. Does that make me a writer again? Hmm.

I haven’t been reading either… so I guess I’m not a reader any more either. Wow! Has life changed over the past 2 years… for the better though – minus the non writing and reading.

2013 was an awful year… a depressing year. It was the first time I ever dealt with depression. Of course, I’ve had a few down days, but last year… I was seriously depressed for awhile.

2014, though. It’s turning out to be a wicked wonderful year. The best year I’ve had since…hmmm 2000? 2000, early 2001 was awesome… this is pretty much up there.

I started a great a new job November 2013. Decent pay and with benefits almost as decent as military benefits… maybe even better with all the cut backs being made recently. Plus, I don’t have to put up with that crap that comes with being a soldier. Even better… I love my job. And it doesn’t hurt to have a great boss who pretty much lets me pave my own path when it comes to my career.

For the first time in my life, I’m with a company I feel comfortable retiring with. Of course, I have quite a ways to go… but retirement is looking pretty good right now. And the experience I’m obtaining here. It makes me feel like every day doors are opening wider and wider.

On the other hand, working a full day, really sucks my motivation to do anything but relax after work. 🙂 I’ve been trying to tell myself to really focus on short stories for a while… knock out a few and get in the habit again. Publish something… ANYTHING.

Then again, the idea of editing what I’ve written saps my motivation too. 🙂 I really need to start reading some more.

I think back to when my life was all about reading and writing. I’d come up with scenes in the shower… full of ideas. And now… blah. I’m sitting here laughing at the thought of being a washed-up, has-been writer before I’ve even gained a bit of popularity.

Still, this non-writing author is so happy with her life right now.

On a side note… I’ve already decided to participate in NaNoWriMo. I have an idea for a book that I’ve been contemplating for a couple of years. I’m really looking forward to it. Even though they (whoever ‘they’ are) say not to put off until tomorrow, I am. November-tomorrow. Perhaps that’ll be my reentrance into the writing society… or maybe not. The stress of NaNoWriMo always saps my motivation for a few weeks afterward.

Anyway or anyways for those who like to use made-up words. 🙂 Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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  1. Hey Reena – you are a writer. An editor too, but a writer first off. Just because you’ve not written anything for a while doesn’t change that even one little tiny smidgen of an iota.

    I worked in the media for a number of years because I thought it would help me to be a “proper writer” that is, a novelist. I was wrong. As you say,work just sucked out the energy. But I learned a lot about writing and when I chucked it and started writing fiction, it was a great help.

    Anyway the point is that you never know what the future will bring. You have a great attitude about writing, and about life – so say I.

    Hope the NatNoMo goes just exactly as you would wish.


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