Tristram La Roche Giveaway: Did you win?

We’ve come to that wonderful moment in time… announcing the Giveaway Winner!

So what was up for grabs? If you stopped by last week, Tristram La Roche gave an interview and offered a eCopy of his book “On My Knees.” If you haven’t checked it out, put your clicky finger to use and get to reading’ 🙂 So… On My Knees

And the Winner is!

Gabrielle J.


Gabrielle, you have 72 hours to respond to the winning email, which I’ll be sending shortly.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to offer Tristram La Roche your support. Every commentator is also automatically entered into the Mid-Month Commentator Giveaway (ends tomorrow).

Don’t forget to congratulate the winner! *A comment here also enters you into the Mid-Month Commentator giveaway!

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