Tuesday Teaser: A Love Too Soon by Callie Norse

It’s been a while since we’ve had Callie Norse on. 🙂 She was one of the first authors featured on the Tuesday Teaser series (see her teaser For the Love of Lisa here). Guess what! She just released the sequel to For the Love of Lisa and today she’s sharing an excerpt!

Greg and Marta have married and continue to live in the old Victorian with Maggie.  The birth of a new baby brings much happiness until…

An occurrence in the hospital brings back memories of Lisa.  This is only the beginning of problems. Will the marriage survive?

Lori and Steve adopt a ten-year-old son, Toby. He and Maggie become great friends. She nicknames him Toby Keith.

Marta works from the home, in the newly remodeled Mansard. History repeats itself with a horrible accident. Will trouble end there?

They move from the old Victorian and live happily ever after…but that would be a fairy tell ending, wouldn’t it?

A Love Too Soon?

A Love Too Soon

2nd in the Carrington Series

Greg continued to be somewhat distant with Marta. Since Lisa’s return, he was unable to forget her. All the memories of their marriage had come flooding back. He didn’t feel the same about Marta now. His desires were for Lisa. He knew this wasn’t right. He would often look at Marta and wonder how he could not desire her. She was an extremely beautiful woman—one most men would be thrilled to have for their wife. It just wasn’t there for Greg anymore.

Marta had thought once Maggie returned, Greg would again be the same wonderful loving man he had always been. Something had changed. This, she could not understand. He was still satisfying his desires in the middle of the night. That’s all it seemed to be—a satisfaction of his desires—far from lovemaking. In fact, it was getting so rough she almost wished it would stop. She didn’t mention it to Greg; she was afraid he would be angry with her. Instead, she buried herself in her work. She had many new clients and was now known as the best decorator in the area. There was almost more work than she could handle.

Ethan was now crawling and beginning to pull himself up to furniture. One day when Marta was busy with a client, he somehow climbed out of the playpen. She had been teaching him to back down the steps on his hands and knees, as she well remembered the tragic story of little Johnny—the servant’s baby who had fallen down the steps and died of his injuries. On this particular day, after climbing out of the playpen, Ethan crawled over to the steps, turned himself around, and started backing himself down the steps. When he was part way down, he slipped and went tumbling to the bottom, screaming as he fell. Marta quickly ran to the stairs in disbelief. There was Ethan lying at the bottom of the steps, lifeless. The client quickly called 911.

Greg was driving home when an ambulance sped past him, and turned into his driveway. Panicking, he made his way to the house where he saw the paramedics going up the back stairs. His heart sank. His lungs froze as he ran up the steps. The paramedics were hovering over little Ethan. Memories of the stories of little Johnny flashed before Greg. His heart was pounding. He felt it was going to explode, before he could get to Ethan. Marta was hysterical. An EMT pushed Greg back, saying they needed room to check the baby out. Greg began to scream. “He’s my son! Let me see him! Oh, God… Is he dead?”

Soon one of the paramedics said, “He’s breathing! His respirations are extremely shallow. We need to get him to the hospital. Give us room. One of the paramedics quickly ran downstairs and came back up carrying a backboard. They strapped little Ethan on the backboard, and placed a cervical collar around his neck. He looked so helpless, so lifeless. Marta rode with Ethan in the ambulance and Greg followed in his car. He phoned Lori on his way to the hospital.

“There’s been an accident. It’s Ethan.” He hung up before Lori had a chance to find out what happened. She and Steve arrived at the hospital only minutes after Greg. Maggie had stayed at the farm with Toby. They hadn’t told them about the accident, only that they had to leave for awhile. Lori wanted to wait until they knew more before telling Maggie.

Marta wasn’t allowed to stay with Ethan. She was sitting in a nearby waiting room, unable to believe such a thing had happened to her little boy, when Greg approached her, “What in the heck happened? Weren’t you watching him?”

Marta began to sob, “He… he… was in the playpen. I… I… guess he must have…” she began sobbing hysterically.

“Are you trying to say he climbed out of the playpen?”

Marta nodded.

“He fell from the top, then?”

“I… I… don’t know, I guess.”

“Oh, my God, my precious little boy…” Greg dropped into a chair, with his hands covering his face and began sobbing.

Steve sat down next to him and tried to console him, “Hey, it may not be as bad as it looks.”

“But Johnny…”

“Ethan is not Johnny!” Steve scolded.

Marta and Lori were embracing one another—each remembering the Johnny story—each crying.

Marta was thinking of how she last saw him before he fell. He had been content playing with a little musical toy in the playpen. He would press a button and a song would begin playing. He would break out in a big grin, showing his deep dimples, as his head moved back and forth keeping time to the music. Then to find him so lifeless at the bottom of the steps… She couldn’t understand how he had gotten out of the playpen and fallen down the steps so quickly? She had turned away for just a second. Now he was fighting for his life.

Finally, the doctor came out to talk to them. Greg studied his face, searching for a clue to the seriousness of Ethan’s condition.

A Love Too Soon

by Callie Norse

is available at:

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About Callie Norse

I have always loved to read. My eighth grade English teacher required us to write short stories. This is when I first learned I loved to write. When my three children were young, I would write short stories, dreaming of someday having time to write seriously. After my parents passed away 16 days apart, I wrote a book on the loss of elderly parents and how devastating it can be, even when they are elderly. I completed the book, but have never published it. Later, I developed a short story into For the Love of Lisa.

I reside in Northern Illinois with my husband, and continue to write.

Connect with Callie Norse:

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callienorse [at] yahoo [dot] com

Haven’t picked up For the Love of Lisa? Try giving the trailer a whirl!

For the Love of Lisa is Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, iUniverse, and Book Depository

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