Tuesday Teaser: For the Love of Lisa by Callie Norse

Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Teaser. Today we’re featuring For the Love of Lisa by Callie Norse.

Greg and Lisa Carrington’s lives have been blessed with successful careers, a loving relationship and a beautiful young daughter. Although, when the Carrington family move into their Victorian dream home, everything changes-and not for the better. When Lisa becomes ill, she leaves a wish with her sister, should she die. The wish is unthinkable. Has she asked too much? During Lisa’s illness, Greg discovers some mysterious occurrences. He keeps these phenomena a secret, not wanting to worry Lisa. Over a period of time, he begins to fear the house must be haunted, as he and his family are subjected to more and more terrifying occurrences. Their young daughter becomes obsessed with the sewing room. She reads aloud, sings, and talks to presence only she can see. Finally, Greg decides he must sell the house. Before he can do so, a horror beyond imagination shakes the lives of everyone associated with Lisa and the house.


The smell of coffee and waffles began filtering into the parlor, waking Lisa. She strolled out to the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Greg’s neck, “What a wonderful aroma to wake up to. Thank you, honey.” He drew her close. Their lips met in a kiss. As he pressed his body to hers, she felt his thickening flesh. She regretted falling asleep so quickly. “After breakfast, Maggie will be busy waking up all her dollies and feeding them breakfast,” she whispered.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Greg winked. “Our breakfast is ready now.” They sat quietly talking, making plans for the day. One thing certainly seemed to be planned out before the first bite of waffle!

Maggie came traipsing into the kitchen, her face bright and cheery. “Did you leave any for me?” Greg got up from the table and took a glass of orange juice out of the refrigerator and put more batter in the waffle iron. She downed the juice and helped herself to the sausage on the table. As she swallowed the last bite, Greg put a waffle on the table in front of her. She talked about the dream she had. One of her babies had been crying. She assumed the storm had scared the baby. Greg and Lisa found this quite interesting.

They all went upstairs when Maggie was finished eating—Maggie to get out of her jammies and get dressed for the day and to tend to her babies. Lisa explained to her how she and Daddy had slept in front of the fireplace. Therefore, she needed to take a shower and change clothes.

Greg closed the bedroom door behind them. Finally, they were alone. Desires had been rising since before breakfast. Greg’s fingers couldn’t unbutton Lisa’s blouse fast enough. Her C-cup bra fell to the floor exposing her luscious breasts. In her excitement, Lisa ripped Greg’s shirt off–a few buttons were now missing. He leaned her back onto the bed and removed her jeans and panties. Oh, the desires… His masculine hands gently and slowly moved over her, tracing the curves of her bottom, her hips, her breasts–igniting in her a restless craving to get closer, to touch and be touched more intimately. There was little time, as Maggie would soon finish with her dollies. Greg’s belt buckle clanged as his jeans hit the hardwood floor. He lay down beside Lisa, holding her curvaceous body closely, drawing his thumbs across her nipples hardening them into tight little peaks, increasing desires….


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About Callie Norse

I have always loved to read. My eighth grade English teacher required us to write short stories. This is when I first learned I loved to write. When my three children were young, I would write short stories, dreaming of someday having time to write seriously. After my parents passed away 16 days apart, I wrote a book on the loss of elderly parents and how devastating it can be, even when they are elderly. I completed the book, but have never published it. Later, I developed a short story into For the Love of Lisa.

I reside in Northern Illinois with my husband, and continue to write.

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