Tuesday Teaser: H.U.B. by Benjamin Jones

Welcome to another addition of Tuesday Teaser. πŸ™‚ Humanity’s Ultimate Battle continues in Author Benjamin Jones‘ saga, H.U.B. Today, he presents a piece from Volume 1. Enjoy!

Vampires, long believed to be nothing but myth and legend, do in fact exist. For years they have lived peacefully amongst humans but all that is about to change. Not content with being considered an equal to the human race, a faction has arisen that is threatening to fracture the delicate truce and engage in a global war pitting humans against vampires.

The first volume of an epic series is here and the world will never be the same.

Santa Catalina Island, twenty-two miles south-southwest of Los Angeles. The place that some considered a paradise – visited by more than a million visitors each year – was now a paradise lost; it was if the island had fallen asleep and had never woken up from the nightmares that continued to plague it. The smell of the ocean was damned near non-existent now as it was drowned out by the aroma of death and despair that showered the island like the most acidic of rain.

What used to be a population of thirty seven hundred residents had been reduced to a little more than two hundred, the majority of which were not native to the island – they had been transported here against their will. Those that were physically able, roughly eighty of them, congregated on the beach, tattered underclothes clinging to their sunken in frames as they washed what little bit of clothes they had in the cold water of the Pacific Ocean. The darkest circles surrounded their eyes, eyes that had lost the little flicker of hope that they once contained; that flame had been extinguished a while ago with no signs of ever returning. Most had made peace with the fact that they had ceased living and now simply existed, if that’s what you would call what they were being forced to do.

Things were not supposed to be this way. How did they let them win? Buildings were eternally dark from the absence of electricity that had been shut off long ago. Decay was widespread with trash piled up everywhere and houses falling apart from neglect. Weeds and grass penetrated the cracks in the sidewalk and streets while trash barrels were kept ignited for warmth and to cook food. This was not humanity. There had to be some kind of resistance still going. Good is always supposed to defeat evil.


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About the Benjamin Jones

Who am I? My name is Benjamin Jones and I’m what’s known as an independent (for the time being) author who is working tirelessly to make this dream of mine to be the world’s greatest writer a reality (right now I’m simply the greatest writer that 99.99998% of the world hasn’t heard of but I’m working to get that percentage a little lower).

All jokes aside, I’m a person who has a family (wife, kids, dog, cat, all that good stuff), who works a 9-5 (actually a 7-4) job by day, and writes whenever he can find the time. My goal in life is to be a writer, and it’s something that I take VERY seriously. Not having an agent at the moment I spend all my time either writing, promoting myself on Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads.com/etc…., or thinking of ways to get myself noticed by people.

Keep up to date with Benjamin Jones at his Author blog or Author Website.

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  1. I’m liking the cover. Winter always seems so barren to me, despite what’s happening beneath the surface. It’s hope is just around the corner if one can just wait long enough.

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