No Remorse Blog Tour: Tuesday Teaser

As promised, MaryLynn Bast is sharing an excerpt with us from her latest release, No Remorse!

Amber stormed through the small cabin, wanting to grab something, anything, to throw it at him. The room just seemed too small for the two of them, where hours early it had been cozy. Every time she looked at Blake, she wanted to hit him, but also pull him into her arms and kiss him at the same time.

“What have you done to me!?” she demanded to know, running her hand agitatedly through her hair. She didn’t give him time to answer before she stomped off into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Amber stared at herself in the mirror. Her skin practically glowed and her dark chocolate eyes were misted with yellow specs. Her wolf was close to the surface, yet was no help to her at all. The wolf urged her to go to Blake, go to his wolf. Yet, her human instincts warned her to run, run as far away and as fast as she could from the man who had marked her.

“But you marked him, too!” She accused herself sharply in the mirror.

Thrusting herself away from the mirror, Amber spun and slammed the lid to the toilet down and plopped down on top of it. She wanted to cry, but hadn’t cried in years. It was a waste of emotion and she hated the useless feelings she felt after she did.

Amber knew she couldn’t just stay in the bathroom. But she didn’t want to go out there right now, didn’t want to face him. She could hear that he was still, not moving as he waited for her to come out. He was standing in the same spot she had left him when she had started ranting and raving like a mad woman ten minutes earlier.

Plopping her head in her hand she closed her eyes. Her wolf was quiet for a change. “Now you leave me alone,” she mumbled grumpily. She could feel her wolf nudging at her emotions, urging her to calm down.

Amber took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and stared at the door. Drawing another deep breath she could smell his scent, he was all over her, in her now, a part of her forever. With a resigned sigh, she stood and opened the door slowly.

Hearing the door open, Blake turned towards the bathroom to watch her come out. His caramel eyes followed her every move as she slowly walked towards him.

Amber wanted to laugh at the look on Blake’s face, like he was afraid that she might shoot him or something. But he stood his ground when she walked up to him and stopped right in front of him with her hands on her hips. Looking into his eyes, she frowned, staring at him hard. “I may be your mate for life, but that doesn’t mean you own me. I am my own person and I will do what I want,” she said adamantly.

Blake held his hands up, shaking his head. “You are the last person I would try to control,” he told her fighting the relieved smile.

“I have my life and you have yours,” she continued standing with her hands on her hips while she waited for him to deny it. Like any smart man would, he kept his mouth shut and listened. “You have your home, I have mine. I will stay here until I get ready to move on. Just because we are mated doesn’t mean we have to live together.”

Blake did his best to hold his temper in check. His wolf was pounding at him to mate with her again to dominate her. He fought the urge to grab and shake some sense into her, to make her see that he was in control.

Instead, he took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly and talked softly. “Amber, we are mated for life. That means our wolves will claw at us to be together. They will never want to be apart.”

“Well I can control my wolf. You’ll have to learn to control yours,” she stated flippantly. Even though deep down she knew didn’t have control over her wolf like she should have. She was adamant that she was not going to give up her freedom to control the relationship aspect of her life as well.

“My wolf is fully under control.” Grinding his teeth to keep from snapping at her, Blake continued to fight the urge to grab and shake some sense into her. Wisely, he turned and went into the kitchen instead.

Amber wanted to kick him in the ass as he stalked into her kitchen and began rummaging through her cabinets. Sitting the coffee can heavily on the countertop he grabbed the carafe and filled it with water from the water dispenser.

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