We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Once in a while I’ll read my older posts. I’m laughing, cause some of them shock me. At the time I wrote the posts, my mind was full of grandeur. The words flowed beautifully… I was really in the zone. In truth, I was oblivious to the crappy writing.

I want to say I’m embarrassed for the old me, but I’m not. It just shows me how far I’ve come in my writing journey. With the release of Shadow Cat in the next month, two, or three, I just hope I don’t look back on that writing and think… oh my gosh. What was I thinking?

When I reflect back to January and where I am now, I am so thankful I earned nearly a year’s worth of rejections. I truly needed that time to hone my writing skills. Perhaps I’m still oblivious to the many flaws of my writing. Maybe I need another year to gather new tools. And that’s okay. It’s just great to see the progress I’ve made thus far.

Pull out some of your old writing? What says you about them?

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