What’s the Deal with Authors Helping Authors?

So anyway, I’ve run out of Author Helping Author volunteers. I knew it’d happen sooner or later. Oh well, life goes on. Guess what that means? This Friday is open… for me! Muhahaha. You get to listen to me ramble.

Actually, I’m  just soliciting advice. So you all are safe… for now. >:)

I’m eager to do a giveaway, but I want more than a couple of entries, as sometimes happens. In the past, I’ve had success with Goodreads giveaways and doing giveaways by participating in blog hops (for example, blogomania, blogfest). Lately I’ve been wanting to try a twitter giveaway.

Anyone have success doing one of these? And if so, how did you track it? How long did the giveaway run? Did you find it successful?

This inquiring mind wants to know.

So you’re giving me a little info; I’m giving back to you.

Way back when, when I ran my first giveaway, I hadn’t a clue on how to track the entries a blog giveaway. One of my twitter buddies turned me to Google Docs. If you look back through some of my giveaways, you’ll notice I request folks to fill out a form. Google Docs, baby. I embed the form into the post, and the complete entries go to a spreadsheet. If you’re familiar with formulas, an import into Excel makes it pretty easy to generate “ticket” numbers.

And I’d be amiss not to share with you random.org. Once you have a number for all the entries, plug in the range and let it choose a winner.

Okay… now your turn! Share with me. Info about twitter giveaways or other giveaways you’ve had success with. 😀

Would it be bad to do an infomercial here? Amazon is doing a promotion for both my listings there. Shadow Cat is 1/2 off and Control Freak: Brandon’s Story is free at the US site and UK site.


Oh… and if you want to join in the Author Helping Author thing, send me an email: reenajacobs at reenajacobs dot com

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  1. I’ve never had a lot of super success with contest/giveaway things. I think I had 10 people in my last one, so I used a notebook to keep track of mine 😉

  2. 3-10 entries is typically what I get when I offer a single book. I’ve been leaning toward a follower giveaway. I don’t think I’ve had one of those since I hit 50 followers, so I’m long overdue. Last night I talked with my Husband (Money Bags) about the details. Now I just need to work up a post.

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