When to Cut/Revise

Editing is an ongoing process for me. I just can’t seem to stop myself from making bitty changes here and there. I really dislike editing, but I seek perfection. Like that’ll happen. haha I continue anyway in the hope I can make my manuscripts just a wee bit better.

Then there are my problem sections. These are parts which I simply have to cut or do a complete rework. How do I know I’ve come to that moment? Simple, I hit a spot in my work which I absolutely hate to edit. I can look at the chapter for days on end, dreading it, hoping I make it to the end. These scenes really just need to go. Cause really, if I can’t stand it, what makes me think a reader wants to suffer through it? 🙂

The thing is cutting massive chunks of my precious material hurts. It hurts a lot. What if I need those parts later? Besides that, I’d worked so hard to get them down in the first place. Well tough! Sometimes writers just have to let go. I have to let go! And so I do it! I cut those parts that I cling to like lifelines. Cause really, they’re not saving anyone. In fact, they’re more like weights dragging my manuscript underwater.

Okay, I’m talking a big game here. I’m really a pack rat and have a hard time throwing away ANYTHING. So what do I do? I have a special folder I keep all my discarded scenes in case I need to bore myself at some later time. It’s my way of letting go without letting go.

So! How do you know you need to cut a scene or seriously revise it? Is it easy for you to do away with your not so great stuff? What methods do you use to do it?

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