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I love new releases, don’t you? Well today, Callie Norse has returned with another novel under her belt. I feel like we should have some kind of wavy time warp thing, cause Callie Norse was one of the first authors to join us on the Who Art Thou Thursdays post. While we reminisce, let’s see what she’s up to these days.

Tell us a little about your latest release. 

I’m excited to finally get this book published. My readers of For the Love of Lisa have been anxious for this 2nd book of the Carrington series since they first read For the Love of Lisa after its release last September. A Love Too Soon takes place 1 ½ yrs. after For the Love of Lisa ends. This book will catch readers up somewhat if they haven’t already read the first of the series. The same characters are in this book that are in the end of the 1st, plus 2 additional main characters. It is romance/mystery. Mystery begins in the first pages. My beta readers are as excited as I am about this book. They tell me they feel an attachment to the characters and it is just as much of a page turner as the 1st of the series. It is an easy read with much action, intrigue and twists.

A steamy, story of love…intermingled with supernatural intrigue…a new tender love story with a twist…

Greg and Marta have married and continue to live in the old Victorian with Maggie.  The birth of a new baby brings much happiness until…

An occurrence in the hospital brings back memories of Lisa.  This is only the beginning of problems. Will the marriage survive?

Lori and Steve adopt a ten-year-old son, Toby. He and Maggie become great friends. She nicknames him Toby Keith.

Marta works from the home, in the newly remodeled Mansard. History repeats itself with a horrible accident. Will trouble end there?

They move from the old Victorian and live happily ever after…but that would be a fairy tell ending, wouldn’t it?

A Love Too Soon?

 Where did you get your inspiration for A Love Too Soon?

I knew there was so much more I could say about the Carringtons. For the Love of Lisa seemed like only the beginning. Greg had just begun his new life with Marta. There was a whole new marriage to write about. I’m not a plotter, so I didn’t know myself where this marriage was going, except that Marta was pregnant in the Epilogue of For the Love of Lisa. I started with the birth of the baby, writing a scene at a time, letting my imagination take me to the next scene. Ideas for A Love Too Soon seemed to flow freely as I wrote.

 When you wrote For the Love of Lisa, did you know it’d be a series?

I don’t think I thought much about it being a series, until I wrote the Epilogue. Until then             my mind was too focused on how For the Love of Lisa was going to end. After the Epilogue, I knew I wanted to continue with my writing, and knew a sequel to this book would be a great way to continue, as there was so much more to be said about the Carringtons.

 Your second release. How was the writing process different this time around?

I had learned so much with the guidelines iuniverse gives. This time I wasn’t stumbling over format, or punctuation and grammar. It was more enjoyable. I knew I could do it this time. The doubts were gone. I had a basis for my plot from For the Love of Lisa. This gave me much to work with. I had fallen in love with my characters and I, myself was interested in learning where I could take their lives. It is so different than reading a book. I can take my characters anywhere I want. I truly enjoyed writing this book, and love where it took me. We shall see if the readers agree. I expect some criticism, but the book seemed to go that direction as I wrote. It touched my heart. Let’s see if it does so with the readers.

 You went through iUniverse for both books. Why did you decide to go with them?

I had tried the traditional route with For the Love of Lisa. Each publisher wanted something different for querying. It was time consuming and disappointing when I would receive rejections. I was once told by Thomas Eadie who was with a traditional publishing Co., and had started a self-publishing Co., that there is no money in traditional publishing for authors. He felt that was unfair to the creators of the work. I therefore decided to research self-publishing companies. I chose iuniverse because they had services to offer if I felt the need. I did begin with an editor evaluation, which helped me learn where my weaknesses were and how to correct them. I wasn’t ready to be totally on my own with another company. I felt I needed some guidance. I went with them for this book, too, as I didn’t want to take the time to learn the hows of another company. I plan to go with another, such as CreateSpace for the next in the series, An Anniversary…not to be forgotten, which is completed in rough draft form.

 How was the publishing process different with your second book from your first book?

I didn’t start with an evaluation. I waited to submit my book block until after it was edited and polished it. I expected it to go quite fast as it did with the 1st book at that point. It seemed to go much slower. First off, I was asked to revise some scenes, as I wasn’t familiar with their underage sex scene policy. (The word cleavage was not even allowed for the underage.) They have no restrictions for the adults, so there are still steamy scenes. I revised the underage scenes and submitted them. They were approved after a wait while the person overseeing this was on vacation. (Just my luck). After that, it still seemed to go slower than the first book. Perhaps they were busier this time, or maybe I’m not as patient.

 Where can readers find your works?

I believe my books can be found at almost any online book store, such as…

Callie Norse at Amazon

Callie Norse at Barnes & Nobles

Callie Norse at the Book Depository

 One should be able to order them at most book stores…


About Callie Norse

I have always loved to read. My eighth grade English teacher required us to write short stories. This is when I first learned I loved to write. When my three children were young, I would write short stories, dreaming of someday having time to write seriously. After my parents passed away 16 days apart, I wrote a book on the loss of elderly parents and how devastating it can be, even when they are elderly. I completed the book, but have never published it. Later, I developed a short story into For the Love of Lisa.

I reside in Northern Illinois with my husband, and continue to write.

Connect with Callie Norse:

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callienorse [at] yahoo [dot] com

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