Working Wednesday #20

Starting my youngest in preschool has not led to the productive burst I’d anticipated. Most of my activity since Saturday has been focusing on THINKING about what I need to do rather than actually doing it. 🙂 So let’s see where we are.

I Loved You First

I fell behind with my goal to stay two weeks ahead. I think I’m exactly one week ahead. I plan to ask for the remaining interview questions tomorrow and finish the two sets I have on hand. Your weekly reminder: two signed copies of ILYF are up for grabs. One for the blog tour button and one to kickoff the blog tour.

Here’s how it works: comment on any of the following posted hosted by bloggers then return to the kickoff post and enter to win. And of course, you can always comment on the prior weeks’ posts. So the new posts up for this week on the tour are:

This was a little shorter since half was presented last Saturday.


Nada here. Like I said, I’ve been more thinking than working. Really, I’ve been such a scatterbrain these days. No sense of direction. One week, I’m thinking about hitting the Trinity series, the next I’m thinking about starting a new series. Stop it already, Reena! I need to focus. So here’s my most recent change of plans. 🙂

Chasing Shadows, book 2 of the Striped Ones series is my big project right now. I’m anxious to get another work out. I’ve noticed I’ve been rather dragging on sequels, and I don’t want to make a habit of mentioning sequels, then never finishing them. It’s been about a year since I released Control Freak: Brandon’s Story, and I still haven’t gotten around to releasing Regina’s Story. Now the same thing seems to be happening with the Striped Ones series. So here’s my thing. No more new undertakings until I have what I’ve started managed. So this is what the plan is.

  • Edit Chasing Shadows ~ I counted 50 scenes in various states of completion. I’m rather bummed here, because I thought I was pretty much finished with this story. After going through it this week, I see there are bunches of areas which are bracketed. What do I mean by bracketed? [Insert fight scene here] [Insert XYZ description here]. So my task is:
    • Finish/edit one scene a day. Currently at 8/50
    • Get it to an editor (If I earn enough through sales to pay for one, otherwise this might be one of those works which doesn’t get published for awhile. No more dipping into family funds for my publishing ventures. After 3 releases, this business should be self-sustaining, and if not, well… it’s not going to become a money pit.)
    • Release by January 1 (hopefully – pending the funding I mentioned above)
  • Finish writing/editing Regina’s Story ~ Still have that one sex scene to write.
    • Write the darn scene by the end of the month
    • Take a couple of days in early October to polish it
    • Release Regina’s Story by November
  • Finish writing/editing Injustice is Served ~ Right now I have a collection of 7 stories planned with 4 of them already written (first draft). I’m going to take it easy with working on this one. Don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many tasks. So the plan is:
    • Finish 1 story a month so the first drafts will be ready by November
    • Polish them in November/December
    • Release before Christmas

Reading Challenge

  • Looks like I’m two books instead of three this time.
  • My current reads are Heroes ‘Til Curfew by Susan Bischoff and Hunted [The Flash Gold Chronicles]  by Lindsay Buroker. I’m not going to lie to you, I desperately want to read Heroes ‘Til Curfew, which is why I keep mentioning it here. But I’m so far behind on my reading goal, 100+K words is a bit daunting for me. I’ve been trying to knock out some of the shorter reads to catch up.
2011 Reading Challenge
Reena has read 18 books toward her goal of 60 books.


So that’s it. Have you made any major business assessments lately?

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