Working Wednesday #24

I have no idea what I’ve accomplished this week. To be honest, I have the feeling I’ve been very unproductive. We’ll see though.

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  • Edit Chasing Shadows ~ I didn’t touch this work. I’m not even sure I pretend to open the project this week.
    • Finish/edit one scene a day. Currently at 8/50
    • Get it to an editor (If I earn enough through sales to pay for one, otherwise this might be one of those works which doesn’t get published for awhile. No more dipping into family funds for my publishing ventures. After 3 releases, this business should be self-sustaining, and if not, well… it’s not going to become a money pit.)
    • Release by January 1 (hopefully – pending the funding I mentioned above)
  • Finish writing/editing Regina’s Story ~ I started polishing this yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have it polished by the end of the week. It’s not like it’s all that long.
    • Write the darn scene by the end of the month Completed Working Wednesday #21
    • Take a couple of days in early October to polish it
    • Release Regina’s Story by November
  • Finish writing/editing Injustice is Served ~ Finished another story. The last one is stewing. I have a few parts of it written in my head, but haven’t settled on a good beginning. I’d love to finish this and get it out next month, during NaNoWriMo
    • 6/7 complete – Finish 1 story a month so the first drafts will be ready by November
    • Polish them in November/December
    • Release before Christmas
  • NEW GOAL: NaNoWriMo
    • Decide which story I’m going to write. Thinking about one of the following:
      • Book 2 of Trinity’s Destiny (the gal from ILYF). I haven’t finished the first book yet. However, I know already how it’s going to end. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Book 2 (Trinity’s Descent), however I have a nice tone for it. In fact, the first and last chapters are already written in pseudo form. I’m pretty happy with it. Now I’ve got to figure out what goes in the middle.
      • An end of times (biblical revelation) story. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I have the first two scenes written in my head. I’m just not sure where I want to go with it. Also, there’s a LOT of research needed for it. I started some rough outlines, because I’d like it to be a series. However, I’m not sure I’m ready to start a project that HUGE.
      • Sci-fi space story w/a bit of cybernetic action going. I envision a Star Wars like universe where folks travel from planet to planet. I’ve got an inkling of a story line. In fact, I believe I have a crappy outline somewhere. I wasn’t satisfied with it. Before I finished the outline I  saw plot holes and issues with believability. I think a similar story still has potential, I just need to work out the issues.
    • Write the outline for whichever story I choose
    • Develop character profiles for the main characters (except Trinity… I already know her an have a character profile written from Book 1)
    • Come November 1, write 2000 words on the week days (M-F)
    • Write 1500 words on the weekends (S & S)

Reading Challenge

  • I’m currently 2 books ahead. I’ve been so caught up in reading, I’ve done very little writing.
  • My current reads is Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction by John Fea. This read is a bit slow for me, so I might end up losing my lead. Growing up, I was never into history. However, the tidbits I do find interesting, now that I’m a bit more mature.
2011 Reading Challenge
Reena has read 18 books toward her goal of 60 books.


I’m never as quick getting through non-fiction as a real great fiction book. Doesn’t matter how entertaining the non-fiction book is. Page per page, it still takes me longer. What about you? Do non-fiction books slow you down?

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