Working Wednesday #25

I totally forgot to do my Working Wednesday last week, which was actually quite exciting. This week? Not so much. 🙂 Still I’ll share what’s happened these past two weeks.


  • Edit Chasing Shadows ~ I didn’t touch this work. I’m not even sure I pretend to open the project week.
    • Finish/edit one scene a day. Currently at 8/50
    • Get it to an editor (If I earn enough through sales to pay for one, otherwise this might be one of those works which doesn’t get published for awhile. No more dipping into family funds for my publishing ventures. After 3 releases, this business should be self-sustaining, and if not, well… it’s not going to become a money pit.)
    • Release by January 1 (hopefully – pending the funding I mentioned above)
  • Finish writing/editing Regina’s Story ~ TASK COMPLETED
    • Write the darn scene by the end of the month Completed Working Wednesday #21
    • Take a couple of days in early October to polish it Completed
    • Release Regina’s Story by November Released October 10, 2011. WOOT!!!
    • Find links for Regina’s Story here
  • Finish writing/editing Injustice is Served ~ I wrote half of the last story. Still have a few kinks to work out plus the ending.
    • 6.5/7 complete – Finish 1 story a month so the first drafts will be ready by November
    • Polish them in November/December
    • Release before Christmas
  • NEW GOAL: NaNoWriMo
    • Decide which story I’m going to write. Decided to join the NaNo Rebels. I’m not starting a new story. Instead I plan on finishing two stories I’ve already started.
      • Book 1 of Trinity’s Destiny (the gal from ILYF)
      • The Sun Still Rises (single title, but features Gretel’s from ILYF and Nora Tech from Shadow Cat. If I’m not mistaken, there’s even a scene with Bryan Hayes in it.)
      • Work on some short stories if there’s time (Control Freak and/or a May/December erotica)
    • Come November 1, write 2000 words on the week days (M-F)
    • Write 1500 words on the weekends (S & S)

Reading Challenge

  • I’m currently 2 books ahead.
  • My current reads is Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I’m enjoying this one a lot more than I’d expected. It started off really silly. I’m probably about a 2/3 done and not sure where things will  lead.
2011 Reading Challenge
Reena has read 18 books toward her goal of 60 books.


Who’s with me as a NaNo Rebel?

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