Working Wednesday #5

I’m feeling good with this Working Wednesday post. The beginning started a bit slow, but I’m feeling highly motivated these days and I think… hope my progress shows that. If you’re interested in my last update, check it here. So let’s see what’s up.

  • Edit Chasing Shadows
    • One scene a day
      • Last update 7/57 scenes
      • This week’s progress 8/57 scenes Okay. So I haven’t made much progress here. At this rate, I’ll be done this time next year. Ouch! I’m setting a new goal for this one because my motivation to edit it just isn’t that high. I’d really like to have this ready to go for Black Friday. So my new goal is to have it edited by the first Wednesday in October. In order to that, I need to edit a little over 2 scenes a week. I’m going to set my goal for 3 scenes because I know there are a couple of incomplete chapters. Plus, there’s a little reworking that needs to be completed.
  • Maintaining 100+ words a day over at Word Count Union
    • This will be accomplished either by working on Trinity’s Awakening
      • Last week’s word count: 23,089
      • Current word count: 24,010 I missed one day writing.
  • Clean up blog and update links
    • I didn’t even remember to work on this. Bummer.
  • 2011 Reading Challenge ~ basically just stay on top of this. As of today, I’m right on track. I plan to finish Flash Gold tomorrow or tonight if I get around to it, so that’ll put me one book a head.

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Reena has read 18 books toward her goal of 60 books.

New goal!!!!!

Though I’m lacking the motivation to edit Chasing Shadows, I do have the motivation to edit another work. I’ve been putting it off because I felt like I needed to get Chasing Shadows out first. As a result, very little has been getting done. I Loved You First has hounded me ever since I finished it early last month. Well, it’s sat for a month and is calling my name again. Sometimes a writer has to put the muse to work where it will. So! I’ve decided to start polishing I Loved You First for release. I think I’ve found an editor, but I want to polish my work as well as possible (reasonable) before sending it her way. As we all know, the less work an editor has to put into a work, the less it costs (typically).  I was lucky to have Hollie (@hwest13) beta read for me and point out some plotting concerns. So I’m working on that along the way. Where I’ve failed with Chasing Shadows, I think I’ll succeed with I Loved You First. So the goal!

  • Edit I Loved You First
    • One scene a day. At this rate, I’ll be done editing with in a month. Let’s cross our fingers here, folks!
    • Currently at 8/29 scenes. I started working on this a couple of days ago. Hopefully the changes I intend to make don’t cut too deeply into my timeline.

In other news!!!!

Last week, I mentioned Amazon offering Control Freak for free on the Kindle. We left last week with it at #10 in the Erotica genre. As of today, it’s #8. Sadly, the overall Kindle rank dropped to 142. Go figure. 🙂 It’s still available if you’re interested in picking it up.

Bonus!!!! If you haven’t picked up your copy of Shadow Cat, check out the giveaway going on. The last day to enter is Saturday… so stay on your toes! Of course if you’re eager to get your copy NOW, it’s available for 1/2 off at Amazon. Who knows how long that’ll last. So if you’re wanting it, don’t wait until the price catches up.

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